Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Snow Day

We just returned from a quick trip to Chinatown and the Reading Terminal. God bless snow days. God bless Uber. Neither one of us felt like taking our cars out, but we both wanted to get out of the house for Dim Sum and fresh lemons.

Yesterday, I ventured to Brendan’s with Matt to watch the AFC title game. I was happy my Broncos conference play succeeded. A few of Brendan’s buddies were there and we were all equally relieved to get out of the house, stop shoveling, and watch some football.

Saturday was the day we got hit with the storm. The previous night, I ventured to the movies to watch “Anomalisa” and when I returned home, I shoveled the front and dusted off the car. By the time I left the house on Saturday afternoon to shovel again, we had at least another fifteen inches of fresh powder on the ground. I dug a walking path on our sidewalk and the neighboring sidewalks as well. Denise cooked a lot – from hot chocolate to stuffed squash to fondue pretzels, she went all out and took care of us.

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